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New Roofing Style

Our Carmichael roofing company was founded by a couple of guys who were tired of dealing with the same old thing – the over-inflated prices, the shoddy workmanship, and the deception used far too often by contractors looking to squeeze every last dime out of struggling homeowners. Our goal from Day One was to create a company that people could trust, one that you wouldn't hesitate to recommend to a friend or family member. Today, over fifty percent of our business comes from referrals. 

It takes more effort to not do something right than it does to simply do the job you're paid to do. Not only that, but those who try to stay in business during hard times by making their customers pay high prices and settle for poor quality are the ones who generally go out of business first. If you're fair and honest, you'll last through the tough times and have customers who will be loyal to you for the life of your company. We have been doing this for so long we're actually installing roofs for second and third generation family members now. That's the result of doing business the right way. 

We can handle any roofing job

Damage RoofOf course, good intentions, morals, and business ethics don't get the job completed correctly or on time. Knowledge and experience are important too, as are new technology and the right tools for the job. We've made sure our Carmichael CA roofers stay current on new developments in roofing so we can handle any job that comes along. The past decade has been very exciting because of the technology that has come along to create green roofing and energy efficient roofing solutions.  

Finally, we make it a point to always answer our phone when it rings. Exemplary customer service is something we pride ourselves on. Those who do business with us can always reach us and we guarantee all the work we do, so if you have a problem you can expect it to be corrected promptly. Give us a call any time to learn more. 

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